Robin N. Brewer

robin with a curly hairstyle

I'm Robin. I do research

in Human-Computer Interaction at the intersection of social computing and accessibility. I ask how experiences with technology can be made more accessible to digitally constrained communities. Specifically, I design, build, and study systems to better engage older adults and people with vision impairments, two groups for which technology access and use can be challenging. Most recently, I have investigated the role of accessible voice interfaces (e.g. IVR and digital assistants) and the ways in which these technologies support or do not support social and informational needs.

I am an Assistant Professor at University of Michigan's School of Information (UMSI). In the past I have conducted research at University of Maryland's HCIL, Carnegie Mellon's Usable Privacy and Security Lab, UMBC's PAD Lab, Northwestern University's Inclusive Technology Lab, IBM Research, Facebook's Research Center, and Microsoft Research.

I hold a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, an M.S. in Human-Centered Computing from UMBC., and a Ph.D. in Technology and Social Behavior from Northwestern University.