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rnbrew at umich dot edu

twitter: @_rnbrewer

office phone: 734.615.1299

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I'm Robin. I do research in Human-Computer Interaction at the intersection of social computing and accessibility. I ask how experiences with technology can be made more accessible to digitally constrained communities. Specifically, I design, build, and study systems to better engage older adults and people with vision impairments, two groups for which technology access and use can be challenging. Most recently, I have investigated the role of accessible voice interfaces (e.g. IVR and digital assistants) and the ways in which these technologies support or do not support social and informational needs.

I am currently an Assistant Professor at University of Michigan's School of Information (UMSI) and in Computer Science and Engineering (EECS, by courtesy). In the past I have conducted research at Northwestern University, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), Carnegie Mellon University, and University of Maryland College Park. I have also worked at Microsoft Research, Facebook, and IBM Research as a user experience researcher.

I hold a Ph.D. in Technology and Social Behavior from Northwestern University, M.S. in Human-Centered Computing from UMBC, and B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

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What's New?

February 2020 - Giving a talk at University of Washington's DUB series and Microsoft Research

January 2020 - Giving a talk at the Michigan AI seminar series and the Computer Science department at James Madison University

Fall 2019 - Admitting PhD students to work with me starting Fall 2020. The application deadline is December 1st. Apply online.

November 2019 - Presented a paper at the ACM CSCW conference in Austin, TX on labor, ridesharing, and disability disclosure.

October 2019 - Co-organized the ACM ASSETS Student Research Competition in Pittsburgh, PA. Check out the winners.