Want to Do Research?


I am not actively recruiting Ph.D. students for the 2021-2022 admissions cycle.

Master's or Undergraduate

I love working with students! However, I want to ensure the experience is mutually rewarding. I mostly study existing use of technologies or online communities using qualitative methods. I use this qualitative research to inform how to design, develop, and evaluate accessible systems. If interested in pursuing an unsolicited research opportunity* with my research group, (1) read through the active research projects on my research page, (2) read at least one of my authored papers on a topic that interests you, (3) decide what type of research interests you most and complete one of the starter projects below.

If you are interested in pursuing qualitative research, write two paragraphs extending one of my existing areas of research. These paragraphs should clearly state the way(s) in which you wish to extend this work, why, and describe 1-2 methods you would use to do so. Preferably, the "why" should be based on some existing body of work, whether this be an existing research study or a recent news article. Once done, please submit via email and we can set up time to talk.

If you are interested in building something, you do not need to have a computer science degree. Instead, I want to know that you are willing and can quickly learn something new. Currently, my research focuses on accessible voice-based interfaces. As such, use online tools like Twilio, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure to prototype a basic voice interface that could be useful for older adults or people with disabilities. This system (i.e. IVR prototype, smart assistant skill) does not need to be complex, and could be extending an existing tutorial in a unique way. When done, send instructions on how I could listen and we can set up time to talk.

*Note, if you have expressed interest due to a job posting, UROP, or MTOP you do not need to complete the starter project, but are welcome to.

Currently working with:

Ph.D. Students

Rahaf with dyed maroon hair tips. In the background, there are green plants hanging on the wall. Rahaf is wearing a black t-shirt
Rahaf Alharbi
Pronouns: she/her
Program: Ph.D. in Information
Interests: disability studies, accessibility, privacy, HCI

sam headshot
Sam Ankenbauer
Pronouns: he/him
Interests: HCI, STS, information ecologies, accessibility

Headshot of John Rudnik, a man in his mid-twenties
John Rudnik
Interests: political (and moral) economy of longevity & technology, old age and inequality, STS


anandita headshot
Anandita Aggarwal
Program: M.S in Information
Pronouns: she/her
Interest: accessibility, HCI, social media/online communities

A headshot of Luke, a white person with short, dyed purple hair wearing a dark blue buttoned shirt and turquoise-rimmed glasses. In the background, there is blurred abstract art against an off-white wall.
Luke Kudryashov
Program: M.S in Information
Interests: Disability studies, digital accessibility, HCI

gina headshot
Gina Spelman
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Program: M.S. in Information
Interests: HCI, UX design + research, visual communication, information architecture, interaction design

lauren headshot
Lauren Trimble
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Program: M.S in Information
Interests: equitable information systems, accessible voting

kerry headshot
Kerry Lee
Pronouns: he/him
Program: B.S. in Economics, Pre-Med
Interests: life sciences, technology

maisarah headshot
Maisarah Mahathir
Program: B.A. in Psychology, B.S. in Information
Interests: HCI, social Media, organizational behavior
haripriya headshot
Haripriya Suryadevara
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Program: B.S. Business, Computer Science
Interests: HCI, social media, accessibility, CSCW
accessibility, LGBTQ+, memory, neurodevelopmental disorders
Olivia Vander Hyde
Pronouns: she/her
Program: B.S. Psychology, Spanish
Interests: accessibility, LGBTQ+, memory, neurodevelopmental disorders

pooja headshot
Pooja Upadhyay
Pronouns: she/her
Interests: HCI, search, information systems