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+ Summer 2016 - Interning at Microsoft Research (MSR) in Redmond, Washington and working with Merrie Ringel Morris on voice interfaces for older adults.

+ August 2016 - Attended the #GEM40 Conference for GEM Fellowship recipients in Miami, Florida and presented a workshop to early PhD and Master's students called 'When Faculty Say X, But Mean Y' to help students navigate their early graduate school years

+ May 2016 - Attended ACM's CHI conference in San Jose, California and presented two full first author papers, 'Tell It Like It Really Is”: A Case of Online Content Creation and Sharing Among Older Adult Bloggers' and '“Why would anybody do this?”: Understanding Older Adults’ Motivations and Challenges in Crowd Work' (working titles).

+ February 2016 - Attended ACM's CSCW conference in San Francisco and participated in the Doctoral Colloquium on my thesis research, 'Connecting Older Adults through Voice-Based Interfaces'.

+ November 2015 - Attended AAAI's conference on Human Computation + Crowdsourcing (HCOMP) in San Diego and presented on 'Exploring Cognitive Benefits as an Alternative Motivation for Engaging Older Adults in Crowdwork'

+ October 2015 - Attended the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing in Houston, Texas, and led a panel called Design for All with women designers and developers from Google, Facebook, IBM, and the African Development Bank. [blog post]

+ May 2015 - Attended the Academic Career Workshop in Houston, Texas funded by NSF in collaboration with CMD-IT, CAHSI, and CDC.

+ Winter 2015 - Interned at Facebook as a User Experience Researcher in Menlo Park, California.